About Us

We take pride in serving our customers and holding our moral values to the utmost level. We therefore strive to ensure that every customer is treated fairly.

Our business journey started with one budget car in 2008, wherefrom we organically grew to 10-15 cars by 2009 and by 2012 we had ~40 cars in stock at any point in time. We then invested in a purpose-built yard for 70-80 cars and recently moved into an ex-dealership site in Ashford, Surrey (close to Heathrow) with our own service shops, dedicated paint shop and MOT station.

Our successful growth is not only due to our quality of cars but also due to how we deal with our customers. Unlike the market norms, we share all facts (good and bad) about our cars to ensure customers are fully aware of what they are buying. We are confident that we know our cars, as we conduct detailed vehicle checks multiple times prior to agreeing any sale.

However, as an experienced dealer of second-hand cars, we acknowledge that sometimes things can go wrong after the purchase and therefore we have established a dedicated post-sale team to ensure our customers concerns are fully addressed.

We welcome all our customers to visit our showroom where vehicles are prepared, sales are conducted and finances are arranged under one roof and within Covid guidelines. We are licensed & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, subject to status, where we can offer flexible & affordable funding options for your next car.

Our Sourcing and Quality Assurance

We buy cars from reliable resellers and auction sites throughout UK and work closely daily to secure quality cars. We only aim to buy cars which are graded through industry standards and where we are not satisfied, we challenge the grading to ensure our customers get the best and fair deal.

Our inspections at collection, arrival on premises and prior to handing over the car to our customers gives us the confidence that our cars are of utmost quality. All these inspections are completed by qualified experienced specialists who are fully trained in our methodologies.

To further assure the quality, any issues identified by our customers during the sale are addressed prior to handing over the keys or (if identified) are resolved in a professional way.